Specialisation conference – Katowice

June 23rd, 2016 § 0 comments

Workshop on Lawyers’ Specialisation organised by the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Katowice at Katowice Law Faculty ul. Bankowa 11b, 40-007 Katowice for 15th April 2016


1 Invitation and welcome by Ryszard Ostrowski Dean of Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Katowice 10.00-10.10
2 Introductory remarks by Jędrzej Klatka Head of Polish Delegation in CCBE, Chair of CCBE Working Group Towards Model Code of Conduct 10.10-10.20
3 Specialisation in Germany by adw. Sabine Gries-Redeker from Bonn 10.20-11.05
4 Specialisation in France by adw. Christian Leroy from Lyon 11.05-11.50
5 Specialisation in the United Kingdom by prof. Julian Lonbay from Birmingham 11.50-12.35
6 Coffee break 12.35-12.55
7 Specialisation in Spain by adw. Aitzol Asla from Bilbao 12.55-13.40
8 Associations of specialist lawyers in the Netherlands by adw. Dianne Kroezen chairwoman of the Dutch Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators Association 13.40-14.25
9 Pros and cons of introducing Lawyers’ Specialisation

(Do General Practitioners have reason to be afraid of specialisation?)

Panel discussion moderated by legal adviser Piotr Bober – former Dean of Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Katowice with the participation of: Sabine Gries-Redeker, Christian Leroy, Julian Lonbay, Aitzol Asla, adw. Dianne Kroezen, Ewa Stompor-Nowicka (Vice-President of Polish Bar of Legal Advisers), legal adviser Bazyli Zacharczuk (Chair of the Ethics Commission of the National Council of Legal Advisers), adw. Jacek Giezek (Chair of the Ethics Commission of the Polish Bar Council), adw. Marek Niedużak (Warsaw)

10 How to do it ? (How to introduce specialisation scheme step by step ?)

Panel discussion moderated Jędrzej Klatka by with the participation as above

11 Closing remarks by legal adviser Jędrzej Klatka 15.55-16.00
12 Lunch 16.00-17.00


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