Legal Clinics – The example of the HEAD Law School Clinic in Paris

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A New Way To Create Awareness About The Importance Of Law For Start-Ups

The HEAD Law School Clinic, in Paris, was created in January 2015, and is headed by Matthieu Brochier, who is a partner at the law firm Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier.

It is the first clinic dedicated to both business law and start-ups.

It provides students with hands-on legal experience under the supervision of lawyers who are not only experienced practitioners themselves, but who are also trained in educating and mentoring students. Students gain a wide range of skills; for example, they interview start-uppers and advise them. Students are exposed to a wide range of areas in business law such as: company law, intellectual property law, and employment law.

Today, the clinic has a strong network of partners and works with entrepreneurs from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique PEI incubator. The clinic is composed of 26 students and around 10 lawyers. The rapid expansion of start-ups in Paris, and the growing demand for legal advice that has resulted, has made the HEAD Law School Clinic a strong actor in the economic and legal fabric of Paris, with a high development potential. The clinic gives students and entrepreneurs a palpable sense of why the law (and sometimes lawyers!) matters, how much good it can do, which cultivates values they will use throughout their professional lives.

For more information about the Clinic, see here.

Information about HEAD can be obtained here.

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