HELP – Launch of New Video on Admissibility Criteria of the European Court of Human Rights

November 17th, 2015 § 0 comments


HELP recently published a video on admissibility criteria of the European Court of Human Rights and the HELP Programme. The 15-minute video gives a detailed overview of the admissibility criteria of the Strasbourg Court to give judges, lawyers and other legal professionals, as well as civil society actors and other interested parties practical information on the procedure used to bring a claim before the Court.

The video is available with subtitles in 14 different languages: English, French, Albanian, Armenian, Croatian, Czech, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. It is accompanied by background documents on the relevant case-law of the Court, which are available here.

The video provides a useful and informative introduction for the self and distance learning courses offered on the HELP e-learning platform. It can be used as a training tool on the national level, as well as being supplemented by the extensive Admissibility Guide produced by the Court.

Further information can also be downloaded from the HELP website.

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