France: Reforms of Law School Entry Exams

July 8th, 2016 § 0 comments

French avocats

The French Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques URVOAS, together with Thierry MANDON, Secretary of State in charge of Higher Education and the President of the Conseil national des Barreaux, Pascal EYDOUX, announced yesterday reforms to the law school entry exams (see Discours du président Pascal Eydoux).

In 2012, the Conseil national des barreaux, agreed to these reforms which are now about to come into effect.

The aim of the reform is to unify the process of access to law schools, i.e. a single, unified exam will be held every year throughout France. The exam subjects will be the same everywhere and the evaluation of exams will be subject to a unified scoring grid. This should help ensuring a level playing field.

The entry exam will be more focused on the competences, skills and knowledge which will be expected from future lawyers.

A national exam Commission – composed equally of lawyers and academics – will be in charge to establish the exam subjects and the scoring grid.

The first session of the national exam will be held in September 2017.

Further information will follow in a few weeks.

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