European Commission Annual Report on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

May 23rd, 2017 § 0 comments

The report – published on 18 May 2017 – outlines the initiatives taken in 2016 by the EU to strengthen fundamental rights in the EU. It also looks at how these rights were applied across a range of EU policies and in the Member States in 2016.

The accompanying Staff Working document states on ‘Article 14 — Right to education’ amongst others:

– Education policies are instrumental in addressing inequalities, fostering inclusion and tolerance, and promoting the common values of democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law.

– In June [2016], the Commission adopted a Communication on a “New Skills Agenda for Europe” which underlines the strategic importance of skills for sustaining jobs, growth and competitiveness. It covers areas such as skills development, mutual recognition of qualifications, support for vocational education and training and higher education, and ways of exploring the full potential of the digital economy, in order to promote lifelong investment in people. It inter alia also proposes a ‘skills guarantee’ to further combat exclusion and inequality.

– The preliminary outline of the European Pillar of Social Rights published in March 2016 proposes a principle regarding skills, education and lifelong learning focused on the access to quality education and training throughout the life course and on the encouragement of skills upgrading.

For more information:

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