EP: Workshop on the training of judges and legal practitioners

April 18th, 2017 § 0 comments

On 12 April 2017, the Policy Department for Citizens Rights and Constitutional Affairs organised a workshop on “The training of judges and legal practitioners – ensuring the full application of EU law” for the European Parliament JURI and LIBE Committees.

Pier Giovanni Traversa, chair of the CCBE Training committee, participated for the CCBE. He reported on the role, mission and results achieved by the Training Committee in the ‎field of European Judicial Training (EJT) and the results of the two main EU financed projects: the European Training Platform and the joint CCBE EIPA study on the state of play of lawyers’ training in EU law. (For full information, please read the CCBE’s written contribution to the workshop – see below ‘Supporting documents/Compilation of in-depth analyses, pages 31-38).

Having regard to the need to bring together both institutional and private training providers (to discuss substantial and statistical issues concerning the training of lawyers), he announced that the CCBE will organise in December 2017 in Brussels a conference dedicated to the training of lawyers which will deal with a number of topics: the future of training, new training methods, training in EU law and support tools, cooperation amongst training providers. (The exact date of the conference still needs to be settled.)


Pier Giovanni Traversa

Supporting documents published on the Parliament’s website:

Click here to watch the recordings of the workshop.

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