European Commission consultation on the regulation of professions

June 7th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink


Last week, the European Commission launched a  public Consultation on the regulation of professions: proportionality and Member States’ National Action Plans.

The ‘National Action Plans’ section of the Consultation raises, inter alia, questions about training requirements: do professional qualifications or continuous professional development requirements create disproportionate barriers to the access and exercise of a profession? In the ‘Proportionality in Regulation’ section of the Consultation, the Commission is consulting on a possible common EU-wide methodology for assessing the necessity and proportionality of national regulations in the professions. Regulators are asked, for instance, to indicate grounds of justification for regulating a profession as well as the criteria used (such as the need to have specialised skills and training to practice the profession).

The CCBE will determine in the coming weeks to what extent it can provide input to the Consultation.

The deadline for the consultation is 19 August 2016.