Romania: CCBE Letter to Ministry of Justice – Admission of Judges and Prosecutors to the lawyer’s profession

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Click here for details about the CCBE letter.

HELP in the 28: Reinforcing the EU dimension of HELP

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HELP has published a summary of last week’s meeting of HELP contact points:

For the second year, HELP contact points from national training institutions and bar associations from the EU met for 1.5 day in Strasbourg to (i) keep up to date with (legal) developments in priority areas for the EU, (ii) exchange best practices, and (iii) reinforce current and future cooperation among EU NTI and BA….continue to read here.


Training of Lawyers: Conference to support the Moldovan Bar in its reforms

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Click here for details on the conference.


Speakers’ panel

Utrecht University MOOC on Human Rights is now available at:

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First HELP Newsletter

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HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) has published its first newsletter, click here.


CEPEJ Report 2016

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The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice – CEPEJ – recently published its third report on ‘European judicial systems – Efficiency and quality of justice’ which covers data gathered in 2014. The report also includes a section on lawyers (see page 158 and following). It contains information on the number of lawyers (per inhabitants) and lawyers’ monopoly on legal representation. For the first time, CEPEJ provides public access to the CEPEJ database – CEPEJ STAT – which contains (amongst others) country-specific data relating to lawyers, including brief information on the training of lawyers, see below for instance:


A demonstration video shows how to use CEPEJ-STAT.

Germany: plans to introduce a specific continuous training regime for all lawyers

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Brief from Sabine Gries-Redeker, Member of the CCBE Training Committee, Germany


Sabine Gries-Redeker

To guarantee the quality of services of lawyers in a more systemic way, it is planned to modify the rules for mandatory continuous training for lawyers in Germany. It is foreseen to regulate the requirements in more detail for all lawyers. Up to now, in Germany, there are detailed regulations with sanctions only for specialised lawyers, the so-called Fachanwälte. (For more information on the rules for Fachanwälte, see Post of 8 December 2016.) Now, the plans are to implement this for all lawyers. Details are not yet clear. There will be an amendment of § 59 b Abs 2 No. 1 h BRAO. By this law the assembly of the German Federal bar will be authorized to rule the details of the requirements of continuous training. The assembly is expected to decide on this at its meeting on 21 November 2016.