The European Court of Human Rights – Questions & Answers for Lawyers

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At a recent seminar, the CCBE launched the new edition of the CCBE practical guide for lawyers acting before the Court – ‘The European Court of Human Rights – Questions & answers for lawyers’ (English version, French version). The guide is directed at lawyers intending to bring a case before the European Court of Human Rights. The Guide comprises the following sections:

(1) National proceedings prior to the submission of a case to the European Court of Human Rights

(2) Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights

(3) Content and execution of judgments of the Court in cases of individual applications – Appeals against such judgments

(4) Practical tips on procedure when lodging an application

The Guide states, amongst others, that “Continuing education on Human Rights is fundamental for lawyers. Lawyers are strongly advised to attend training and seminars on substantive Human Rights issues, such as the ones organised by the national Bar associations and to follow developments in the Court case law. (…) command of the official languages of the Court (English and French) is very desirable to properly represent and assist a client.” The Guide also refers in this context to the information and training material provided by Council of Europe HELP Programme – Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals.

The CCBE has also developed Practice Guidances for lawyers appearing before the Court of Justice of the European Union (see CCBE website).

European Parliament: Fact Sheet on Higher Education

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Higher education

Following the principle of subsidiarity, higher education policies in Europe are essentially decided at the level of the individual EU Member States. Therefore, the role of the EU — as in education, vocational training, youth and sport policies in general — is mainly in a supporting and partly coordinating capacity….click here to read the full Fact Sheet.

Utrecht University launches MOOC on Human Rights on 14 November 2016

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See for details, the website of HELP.

2017 Call for Proposals for Erasmus+

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On 20 October 2016, the European Commission published its 2017 Call for Proposals for Erasmus+. Funds – which have increased by almost €300 million compared to 2016 – are available for education, training, youth and sport projects. As in 2016, priority will be given to projects promoting social inclusion. More information on how to apply is available in the Guide, the opportunities pages, the National Agencies, and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

See also CCBE post of 14 October 2015 on ‘Barcelona Bar project funded by Erasmus+’.

New film on the European Court of Human Rights

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Information taken from the website of the European Court of Human Rights:


A new film presenting the European Court of Human Rights has just been produced. Aimed at a wide audience, the film explains how the Court works, describes the challenges faced by it and shows the scope of its activity through examples from the case-law.

The film is currently available in French and English, but will be issued in other official languages of the member States of the Council of Europe.

Film on the ECHR

France: changes to the entry exam

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The new French rules regarding the admission exam have been published today in the Journal officiel de la République française:

(1) Décret n° 2016-1389 du 17 octobre 2016 modifiant les conditions d’accès aux centres régionaux de formation professionnelle d’avocats

(2) Arrêté du 17 octobre 2016 fixant le programme et les modalités de l’examen d’accès au centre régional de formation professionnelle d’avocats

For a brief summary on the changes brought by the new rules, see the post of 8 July 2016.