Law Society of Ireland Legal Excellence programme – Legal English 2016

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Group shot Legal English

Front row – l-r: Eva Massa (Law Society), Gonzalo Olmos, Maria Francesca Cicotti, Antonella Benedetti, Lorenza De BoniI, T P Kennedy (Director of Education), Lucia Fabbri, Attracta O’Regan (Head of Law Society Professional Training), Daniela Barbieri, Alessandro Valerio.Middle row – Colette Reid (Law Society), Alesssandro Mazza, Sara De Angelis, Costanza Acciai, Sara Ziveri, Erika Criscione. Stefania Spina, Ines Cavallone. Back row – Joanne Cox (Law Society), Vanni Sancandi, Renzo Rossi, Elena Guerri, Michele Wurzer, Lorenzo Napoleoni, Michelangelo Dapporto, Enrico Braiato, Marzia Susan Zambon, Francesca Braglia, Chiara G Consonni, Michelle Nolan (Law Society Professional Training).

We have previously written two posts about a programme, organised by the Law Society Professional Training in Ireland, which provides training opportunities for European Lawyers, and cooperation between European Bars.

This summer, from 18-22 July, the Law Society of Ireland Professional Training, led by Attracta O’Regan (Solicitor and Head of Law Society Professional Training), hosted Italian and Spanish lawyers in Dublin as part of the Legal Excellence, Legal English Summer School. Delegates attended an intensive Commercial Contracts and Advanced Negotiation Skills Masterclass designed by Joanne Cox (Solicitor and Course Manager with the Law Society Law School) and delivered by Solicitor experts in Ireland.

Delegates also had the opportunity to attend an Ethics Lecture which provided a comparative analysis of the ethical values applicable to the legal profession in Italy and Ireland and included an overview of the relevant principles ruling the conduct of lawyers in their professional relationships. This lecture was a collaborative educational initiative between the Law Society of Ireland and the Siena Bar Council which was accredited by the Consiglio Nazionale Forense (CNF) in Italy. This was co-presented by Eva Massa (Solicitor and Course Manager with the Law Society Law School) and Avv. Lucia Fabbri (a practising Lawyer and Barrister in Italy and a Disciplinary Tribunal Judge in the District of Florence).

Social aspects of the Summer School included a trip to the Four Courts and Kilmainham Jail in Dublin and a tour of Kilkenny City taking in the Castle and Smithwick’s Brewery followed by dinner and an evening of traditional Irish music and dance.

The programme was run in collaboration with the Academy of European Law (ERA), Sienna Bar Council, Velletri Bar Council, Bologna Bar Council and School of Law International Group (SLIG).

Forum de la Formation, 14-15 novembre 2016, Lille, France

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Le Conseil national des barreaux organise un Forum de la Formation dédié À LA CONQUÊTE DU DROIT EUROPÉEN : du réflexe à la maîtrise.

Le Forum sera composé de cinq séances plénières interactives:

  • Universités, écoles : le défi de la formation européenne de l’avocat
  • L’exigence de la transversalité dans la maîtrise du droit européen
  • Accéder aux ressources européennes : la boîte à outils
  • Projets européens : possibilités de financement et coopération transfrontalière
  • Le lobbying, l’avocat et son client

Deux sessions d’ateliers pratiques seront également organisées dans le cadre de ce Forum – une session aura pour objectif : « Intégrer l’Europe en pratique »  (la pratique du droit de la famille, la pratique du droit pénal, etc.) et une autre session est intitulée : « Transmettre les bonnes pratiques européennes » (e-learning, une méthode participative : le concours, etc.).

Les inscriptions seront ouvertes dès le mois de septembre. La participation est gratuite pour les avocats libéraux exerçant en France. La langue de travail du Forum est le français.

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez contacter:

Programme of the CCBE PECO seminar in Albania is now available

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As previously reported, the CCBE will organise a PECO Seminar in cooperation with the Albanian National Chamber of Advocacy, which will take place on 30 September 2016 in Tirana. The draft programme is now available. The afternoon session of the seminar will focus on the organisation of initial and continuous training and the use of new training methods.

More training on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is needed

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The Fundamental Rights Report, published last May, examines, amongst others, the use of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights at national level and concludes that there is a need:

To strengthen respect for fundamental rights guaranteed by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, it is FRA’s opinion that EU Member States should complement their efforts with more proactive policy initiatives. This could include a pronounced emphasis on mainstreaming Charter obligations in EU-relevant legislative files. It could also include dedicated policymaking to promote awareness of the Charter rights among target groups; this should include targeted training modules in the relevant curricula for national judges and other legal practitioners. As was stressed in 2014, it is advisable to embed training on the Charter in the wider fundamental rights framework including the ECHR and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

The Report can be viewed here and the relevant section here.

Free ‘HELP in the 28’ course: Labour Rights as Human Rights

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Labour rights

The course covers in an interactive way the key concepts, the European system of protection of labour rights (stemming from the CoE and EU) and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as well as conclusions and decisions of the European Social Committee (see HELP website). It has the following modules:

  • Right to work and employment relationship
  • Working time
  • Fair remuneration and protection of wages
  • Termination of employment
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Collective labour rights
  • Freedom of association – the right to negotiate
  • Occupational safety and health

To get access to the course, first log in or open a HELP account at

Once logged in, access the course by clicking here:

France: Reforms of Law School Entry Exams

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French avocats

The French Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques URVOAS, together with Thierry MANDON, Secretary of State in charge of Higher Education and the President of the Conseil national des Barreaux, Pascal EYDOUX, announced yesterday reforms to the law school entry exams (see Discours du président Pascal Eydoux).

In 2012, the Conseil national des barreaux, agreed to these reforms which are now about to come into effect.

The aim of the reform is to unify the process of access to law schools, i.e. a single, unified exam will be held every year throughout France. The exam subjects will be the same everywhere and the evaluation of exams will be subject to a unified scoring grid. This should help ensuring a level playing field.

The entry exam will be more focused on the competences, skills and knowledge which will be expected from future lawyers.

A national exam Commission – composed equally of lawyers and academics – will be in charge to establish the exam subjects and the scoring grid.

The first session of the national exam will be held in September 2017.

Further information will follow in a few weeks.

HELP Published Report on the Network Conference 2016

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The Report summarises the HELP 2015-2016 achievements and provides information about the discussions in the working groups:

  • “Human Rights Education for Legal Professions: Methodological approach and Impact Assessment Tools”.
  • “Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals: a Contribution to National Case Law Harmonisation”
  • “Implementation of the Brighton and Brussels Declarations: Training as a shared Responsibility”.

Tatiana Termacic, Head of the Human Rights National Implementation Division, emphasised at the conference that HELP’s objective is not to substitute the national training institutions but to provide them with the necessary tools to allow them to fully achieve their mission.

The report can be accessed here.

Legal Clinics – The example of the HEAD Law School Clinic in Paris

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A New Way To Create Awareness About The Importance Of Law For Start-Ups

The HEAD Law School Clinic, in Paris, was created in January 2015, and is headed by Matthieu Brochier, who is a partner at the law firm Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier.

It is the first clinic dedicated to both business law and start-ups.

It provides students with hands-on legal experience under the supervision of lawyers who are not only experienced practitioners themselves, but who are also trained in educating and mentoring students. Students gain a wide range of skills; for example, they interview start-uppers and advise them. Students are exposed to a wide range of areas in business law such as: company law, intellectual property law, and employment law.

Today, the clinic has a strong network of partners and works with entrepreneurs from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique PEI incubator. The clinic is composed of 26 students and around 10 lawyers. The rapid expansion of start-ups in Paris, and the growing demand for legal advice that has resulted, has made the HEAD Law School Clinic a strong actor in the economic and legal fabric of Paris, with a high development potential. The clinic gives students and entrepreneurs a palpable sense of why the law (and sometimes lawyers!) matters, how much good it can do, which cultivates values they will use throughout their professional lives.

For more information about the Clinic, see here.

Information about HEAD can be obtained here.

CCBE PECO seminar, 30 September 2016, Tirana, Albania, will discuss training of lawyers

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Maksim R. Haxhia, President, Albanian Bar

In partnership with the Albanian Bar Association, the CCBE will hold a PECO seminar on 30 September in Tirana, Albania.

The PECO committee is the CCBE’s committee which aims to promote the Rule of Law and support the law reform process in Central and Eastern Europe (see PECO blog for more information).

The afternoon session of the seminar will discuss “The Organisation of Initial and Continuous Training and the Use of New Training Methods” (whereas the morning session will be dedicated to the “Core Values of the Legal Profession and Enforcement Mechanisms”). Speakers from Bars and Law Societies across Europe will explain their training systems and methods. The seminar will also host a presentation of the World Bank’s report ‘Comparative analysis of Bars and Law Societies in selected EU Member States and Serbia’. The objective of the report is to take a closer look at rules governing the functioning of bars and law societies, including their entrance requirements, decision-making and administrative capacities, discipline and inter-bar relations. The Council of Europe will also attend and give a presentation on the ‘Human Rights Education of Legal Professionals’ programme (HELP).

A programme will be available shortly.